Trivikram Flowtech is based at Coimbatore, South India, specialize in the supply of a varied range of special pumps and application engineering.
Water pumps, chemical pumps, paper stock pumps, slurry pumps and vertical pumps, to name a few are from the range of products on offer to our esteemed clientele. Our products find application in various fields like Paper Industries, Cement, Aluminium, Textile Dyeing Industries, water treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, fertilizer plants, refineries, thermal stations, etc.

SAM pumps

Paper Stock Pumps designed as horizontal, single stage, radial split centrifugal pump with back pull out design. Paper Stock Pumps like water resulting in substantial power saving.


Series `PPE` pumps solid injection moulded pumps are available in polypropylene(PP), glass filled polyprpylene(GFP) and UHMWPE materials and are suitable for all services compatible with PP.


The very first pump produced by TUSHACO in 1968 was an Internal Gear Pumps Model R-1-G for low-pressure burner service - till this day it is in production with great success.


Submersible Sewage Pumps are used for drainage and sewage system
Sludge, Waste Water, Storm Water
Submersible Sewage Pumps are effluent with slurry and solids